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The Reel Rescue Kit

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Revive and/or maintain your favorite reels with our complete tool kit. 

Comes complete, in-box, with:

  • The Spool Tool (and an extra arm for it)
  • An etc. Cube (to store all of your etcetera)
  • Reel-Handle Wrench (10mm & 10.2mm)
  • The Pick
  • Bearing Measure (increments 2mm-9mm) 
  • Micro-Chip Tweezers 
  • A brush (it's a brush)
  • Adjustable-length Screw Driver

Take the pressure out of rescuing and reviving your reels. Regular maintenance is essential to understanding your reel, and understanding your reel is essential to becoming a more complete fisherman. Just be sure to keep good track of all the little pieces and what they look like coming off so you know what they should look like going back on!